Birmingham and Sandwell Lockdown

From Tuesday 15 September 2020, new restrictions were introduced in Birmingham and Sandwell.

What does this mean for you as a family of a child in our Sandwell Schools?

Your child must attend school as normal.
Families must wear a face mask when entering the school site, unless they are exempt under government guidelines.
For Primary pupils: Primary pupils are not required to wear face masks.
For Secondary students: From Tuesday 15th September, children must bring a face mask to school and wear it at all times outside of their classroom, unless exempt under government guidelines. Masks should be plain in colour and have no patterns, markings or logos.
If no one in the household has any symptoms, pupils must attend as normal.
We know that these are uncertain times but we do believe the best thing for pupils is to be in the school so they can continue their learning.
We will continue to follow all of the guidance to ensure that pupils are safe and well-cared for and of course let you know as soon as anything changes.