Blue Monday

Blue Monday or the third Monday in January, is claimed to be the most depressing day in the whole year.
It all started in 2005 when a paper signed by “professor of psychology Cliff Arnall” was published as a press release. In this paper, Arnall claimed that using a “mathematic formula” he found out which day in the whole year is the saddest one (and also which is the happiest one much later too).

According to his “calculations”, the date is changing every year, depending on several factors – weather, amount of sunlight, debts, time passed since Christmas, motivation levels and time passed since breaking our New Year’s resolutions.

When Arnall put those factors together, he identified 24 January 2005 as the most depressing day of a year and that generally, the third Monday of every January is the saddest day of the year.

So is Blue Monday really the most depressing day of the year?

Definitely not.

Cliff Arnall admits that he never thought “Blue Monday” would become so popular worldwide and that “Blue Monday” myth might work as a self- fulfilling prophecy.

What he wanted to use to encourage people to take action and change things in their lives, turned out to be seen as an epitome of sadness.

So don’t let Blue Monday get you down!