Core Functions

Strategy and Governance

The Strategy and Governance function is responsible for developing and communicating the vision, strategy and aims of the Trust and ensuring its effective implementation across the organisation through monitoring of KPIs.

It will work with schools to develop local priorities that are linked to the Trust objectives and support staff in delivering these priorities.It will also ensure that our Schools have an appropriate Governance structure in place.


The Finance function co-ordinates the statutory duties and reporting of schools within the organization. It will work closely with Shireland Learning Limited as the delivery arm and play more of an oversight / compliance role ensuring the organization is financially stable and healthy.

School Improvement and Monitoring

The School improvement function of S-CAT works directly with schools to support their improvement. This may include sharing best practice, leveraging leadership capabilities and developing staff.

We work closely with partners, particularly Shireland Learning Ltd to deliver school improvement services.

Technology is used as a foundation to do the ‘heavy lifting’ providing a framework to ensure staff can focus on what matters.


The function will own standard templates, policies and procedures to be used by all organisations within the Trust. It will ensure all schools are compliant with statutory and non-statutory requirements serving as an oversight body for monitoring school compliance.