Exciting New Podcast by Newfield Park Pupils Hits the Airwaves

Pupils at Newfield Park Primary Academy step into the world of podcasting as they launch ‘Newfield Parkcast’.

Created and produced exclusively by pupils with support from staff, the podcast is available to listen to across a range of platforms, including Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Newfield Parkcast features short, bite-sized episodes that focus on a wide range of themes and topics, including countries and their cultures, gender equality, dance, homelessness and social media.

Each episode showcases pupils’ ingenuity and creativity as they give up their spare time during school breaks to develop ideas, record and edit content. This has resulted in pupils developing impressive technical and broadcasting skills, making the podcast an ideal platform to showcase their dedication and collective talents.

The podcast is due to run until the end of the summer term, with plans to restart in September when the new school year begins. This ongoing project has not only been a source of pride for the school, but also a valuable learning experience for the young broadcasters involved.

Steve Payne, Principal at Newfield Park Primary Academy, said: “We are incredibly proud of our pupils for their initiative and hard work to produce and launch such an amazing podcast.

“It’s a fantastic addition to our school, providing a unique platform for pupils to share their voices and ideas, while learning valuable skills from storytelling and teamwork to technical editing. It truly shows what our young people can achieve when they are empowered and supported to pursue their interests and passions.”

Listeners can tune in to the ‘Newfield Parkcast’ podcast using the platform links below:

Newfield Parkcast | Podcast on Spotify

Newfield Parkcast on Apple Podcasts

Newfield Parkcast – YouTube

Newfield Parkcast – Podcasts on Audible – Audible.co.uk