Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is mental health awareness week, and the theme this year is nature!

There’s a lot of good research to support the role nature can play in protecting and supporting our mental health. However, for many of us ‘being in nature’ may not be as easy as it sounds. But don’t worry there is no need to climb a mountain to benefit from nature.

Here are a few tips on how you and your family can build your connection to nature:

1) Find nature wherever you are
Nature is all around us! Even in cities where nature can be harder to find , there are still spaces which include some local nature. A park for example is a great place to look at animal, plants, and trees.

2) Combine nature with creativity
Try combining creativity with your natural environment. This could involve taking part in creative activities outside, like dance, music, or art. All of these things can help reduce stress and improve your mood.

3)Protect nature
Taking care of something can be a really great way to feel good. And what better thing to take care of than nature? Nature is truly amazing – do what you can to look after nature – in your actions and choices.

4)Exercise in nature
If you exercise on a daily basis, why not try it outside in nature. Walking, or running outdoors can help prevent or reduce feelings of anger, tiredness and sadness.

Want something to do?
Why not check out these nature themed mindfulness activities: