This award has been specially set up by our Enrichment Team for parents and carers of our students who attend primary schools within our Trust. 

We recognise the importance of our students having wider experiences beyond the classroom, to develop their character and cultural capital.

Being part of the Passport to Success will:

  • further develop your understanding of school life
  • help you learn life skills like budgeting, first aid and healthy eating
  • give you tools and techniques to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing.

The 9 Es Excellence Schools programme

This programme helps you and your family to create a foundation of positive change in your life to attain, retain and maintain knowledge to build positive relationships and make
healthy mindset choices. 

  • Hosted by award-winning motivational speaker Zoe Bennett from Training Personified.
  • Sessions last 45 minutes each.
  • They take place once per week in each Trust primary school. 

The programme is divided into nine sessions, each aimed at tackling a different topic that will make a positive impact on your life:

  1. Empowerment and engagement: staying motivated, boosting confidence and maintaining positive relationships and attitudes to learning.
  2. E-safety and staying safe online: how to safely search online, being aware of the possible dangers and improving your use of online information for learning.
  3. Enrichment through exhaling: mindfulness, supporting others and techniques for staying calm and managing difficult situations.
  4. Eco-energising: the health and financial benefits of ‘going green’ including diets and positive habits.
  5. Economic literacy: understanding and managing your finances, creating a financial plan and improving financial stability.
  6. Exercise: using physical and mental exercises to build a healthier mind and body.
  7. Emergency care: how to deal with emergency situations and avoid them happening in the first place, first aid and how to report an incident.
  8. Encouragement: identify some realistic, aspirational goals and how to build a mindset that will help you on your way to achieving them, also work on your CV to aid your future career.
  9. Exploring our community: getting involved in and making a positive contribution to communities, study role models and learn how they are valuable to society.

How do I join?

Find out more about Passport to Success and book your space by emailing Daniel Donaldson, Family Engagement Manager: [email protected]

Daniel will also be visiting all of our primary schools in September 2022 if you would like to chat in person.