Our Approach


To ensure we can continue to educate our learners, and support the emotional wellbeing, of our learners, families, and staff, whilst always taking into accounts the safety of all. To achieve this, we will apply a common-sense approach to the government advice.

We will be:

  • clear about our approach
  • clearly communication and consult with families, staff, and other key stakeholders to seek to ease their concerns
  • use our best endeavours to mitigate risks to ensure safety

We will follow Government and Public Health England advice to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and safety and we will continue to work closely with Sandwell LA to ensure a consistent and measured approach to the support of children and families.

How are we protecting our staff and learners:

Our Academies have set up a number of measures to protect staff and learners, these include but are not limited to:

  • One way systems within the site (where possible)
  • Grouping learners into bubbles
  • Staggered timetables including break and lunch (particularly for larger Secondaries)
  • Rigorous cleaning routines within each site
  • Easy access to hand sanitisers
  • Appropriate signage across each site

Face coverings: 

In our Primary Academies, face coverings need to be worn by staff and visitors when moving around the site unless exempt under government guidelines. 

In our Secondary Academies, face coverings need to be worn by staff, visitors and learners when moving around the site unless exempt under government guidelines. 

It will not be necessary to wear face coverings in the classroom. If staff wish to wear protection, visors will be provided. 


All staff, learners and visitors will need to ensure frequent and thorough washing of hands throughout the day. 

Hand sanitisers are located throughout the schools and everyone is encouraged to use this upon entering and exiting settings and rooms. 

School facilities are subject to increased and thorough cleaning to minimise likelihood of spreading the virus. 

Social distancing: 

At all times staff, learners and families need to maintain a 2-metre distance apart where possible. 

Toilets and other communal areas will operate a one-in, one-out system. 

Where the 2-metre social distancing is not possible, e.g. looking after a child, appropriate PPE (face coverings etc) will be worn. 


Absence procedure: 

  • While the school site is open, we expect learners to be in school 

  • Our priority is ensuring that learners are happy, safe and well so that they continue to access exceptional education 

View our absence procedure for families


All visitors to our sites will be required to wear face coverings and follow any local procedures.

When visitors entering our site, visitors will be expected to confirm they have no symptoms of COVID-19 as part of our signing in process.