Our Journey

Shireland Collegiate Academy is the founding school of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust.

This Academy has a national reputation for innovation, collaboration and inspiring individuals within our care, we aim to maintain this reputation throughout our Trust.

We believe that every person who passes through our doors deserves the very best that we can offer. We understand that each Academy is unique, but our emphasis and expectations will remain the same. Nothing less than Outstanding is acceptable.

We want every single person that comes through the doors of one of ours academies to leave having grown as an individual, in terms of their skill set and their respect for others.  We hope that everyone will have participated in a “Whole Education” that prepares them both personally and professionally and that they are well-placed for a successful and happy life. 

Everyone who works with and for the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust does so because they believe in children and want their futures to be happy and successful. 

Our History

  • School opened 1907
  • High School 1997
  • Language College 1998
  • Secondary School Federation 2003
  • Primary School Federation 2005
  • Foundation School 2006
  • Trust School pilot 2006
  • Sponsored Academy 2007
  • Single Academy Trust 2011
  • Multi Academy Trust 2017

The Trust has chosen to remain as a Local Medium sized Trust.  We believe in “earned autonomy” for our Academies.  With the stronger Academies with a track record of improvement supporting  and sharing good practice in our weaker academies to ensure all our academies within our family are at least Good and have a clear process for improving educational outcomes.

Why are we expanding? 

  • To follow our values of Innovate, Inspire and Collaborate
  • To build on the success of Shireland Collegiate Academy -Outstanding for 7 years.
  • Expectation from DfE to share good practice.
  • A desire to share good practice to improve the quality of education and allow our young people to achieve more
  • To share how technology can improve standards for students and staff and improve efficiency of working to allow teachers more time to teach