Primary Programme

We aim for outstanding outcomes for all of our school community, believing that every child should have access to an exceptional education.

Our three core values Excite, Explore, Excel are interwoven into everything we do. They not only drive our attitude to learning but are the foundation of our curriculum; E3L for Excite, Explore, Excel Learning.

These values epitomise how we want to engage and enthuse learners, capturing their imagination so that they make the best progress they can during their time with us. 

Our Leading Principles

High Quality Teaching

  • High expectations will drive and shape classroom practice with teachers responsively re-routing learning if feedback shows a need to intervene, support or accelerate learning.
  • We invest in our staff heavily so that they can deliver the very best learning experiences for our children.

E3L Curriculum

  • Our thematic curriculum has a high focus on literacy, enabling them to access a broad and balanced curriculum that develops the skills, knowledge and qualitites needed to flourish in learning and life.
  • The learning experiences are as authentic and purposeful as possible with high quality outcomes expected.

Technology for School Improvement

  • Our digital framework provides a structure for staff to deliver key digital skills to support pupils' learning and offers progression from EYFS to secondary, ensuring our learners are ready for an increasingly digital world and workplace.
  • We are also comitted to harnessing technology for streamlining school processes, reducing workload and making data more easily accessible for staff.

Evidence Based and Research Led

  • Working closely with Shireland Research School and national organisations such as the IEE, EEF and Chartered College, we focus on developing a self-reflective 'thinking' workforce that can evolve classroom approaches informed by the best available evidence.

Cultural Capital

  • We believe that all children should have access to a whole education where they have opportunities to experience and appreciate moments that will stay with them for a lifetime. Our E3L curriculum is designed to facilitate these experiences and encourage the appreciation and knowledge that enhances life experiences.


  • We have an absolute commitment to the communities that we serve and look to build strong relationships with families and local organisations. We develop strong, strategic, educational partnerships that support the school community at a local, regional and national level.

World Class

  • Our driving belief that all of the children in our care deserve the very best educational provision goes to the core of everything we do. From the training of staff, to access to experts, to phenomenal learning opportunities , we aim to provide the very best we can.