Secondary Programme

Our aim is to continue to provide a world class education into our secondary setting, providing curriculum and enrichment activities that are innovative and inspiring for students.

Within this context all of our academies will offer our Literacy for Life (L4L)curriculum at Key Stage 3. This thematic and competency based curriculum is technology and experience rich and provides an excellent precursor to Key Stage 4.
Focus Days are an extension of the immersive learning experience provided by L4L and are an integral part of the delivery mechanism for outstanding education at Key Stage 4 and 5.

We are a Trust that believes in traditional values enhanced by technological innovation. Our Behaviour Management Services (BMS) support the teaching and learning process by ensuring that any behaviour that interrupts teaching or the good running order of the Academies are dealt with swiftly and fairly, ensuring that communication with families is followed through.
Students in all of our Academies take examinations in Design Technology. We believe that this subject supports and develops the skills that students need in a modern workplace. Skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, creativity all delivered through a technology rich curriculum.

The Arts are a major force for developing students self confidence. Our relationship with the Birmingham Hippodrome is a contributing factor to the quality of delivery.

We value greatly our partnerships with all external agencies and these greatly enhance the opportunities for students to contextualise their learning and shape their thought regarding future careers.