Welcome back! Top tips for returning back to school

We would like to wish new and returning students a big welcome back!

We hope every student is enjoying their new classes, and enjoy experiencing new things, such as new friends, new subjects etc. 
However, we understand that for some students going through a big change can be difficult.
Felling anxious, or nervous about a change is perfectly normal.

To help those students who are feeling worried we have created the Passport to Success Top Tips for those who are feeling  anxious or worried about returning to school.

We hope you find this resource useful, and we hope that the first few weeks aren’t as bad as you think!

Struggling with a new environment Top tips

 If you feel you or your child needs extra support or mentoring, please get in contact with a member of the enrichment team:

Daniel Donaldson- Family Enrichment Manager

Emma Billingham- Family Enrichment Apprentice: