World Book Day Family Quiz

Welcome to the Passport to Success World Book Day Family Quiz! We look forward to you joining us in this Trust collaboration event.

This virtual quiz will be taking place on Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 5pm. We are aiming for the quiz to last 1 hour, however please be aware that it may run slightly over.

Below is all the information you will need for the quiz:

How do I join the quiz?
The quiz will be taking place on Microsoft Teams. If you have never used Microsoft teams before we suggest that you login today before the quiz and familiarise yourself with how it works.
Microsoft Teams can be used on both desktop and mobile so use which ever one you feel more comfortable using- but do remember that you will need to see the screen clearly.

You do not need to set up an account with teams, just make sure that you have the app downloaded or can view on your desktop.

Microsoft Teams Log in Page

When you have downloaded/ set up teams you will then be able to use this link to the Quiz:

Link to the World Book Day Quiz

We suggest just having a quick run through before the actual quiz that way if you are having any difficulties you can tell us straight away and we should be able to help. We will not be able to help with any technical difficulties once the quiz has begun.

Your camera will be off during this live event, so don’t worry you don’t have to be looking your best!

How do I get the chance to win prizes?
If you would like to be in a chance of winning some prizes, you will need to fill in the World Book Day Quiz: Answer Form.

This is a Microsoft Form and is quite easy to fill out. All the questions are multiple choice, so no need to worry about spelling!

You can either fill this form as we go through the quiz or fill it in at the end (we will give you some time, don’t worry).

World Book Day Quiz: Answer Form

Filling in the form is not necessary, unless you want to win some prizes.

If you are having any issues with accessing either the quiz link or the answer form please contact Emma Billingham through the email below: