Welcome to Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

Sir Mark Grundy, CEO.

We believe that every person who passes through our doors deserves the very best that we can offer. We understand that each Academy is unique, but our emphasis and expectations will remain the same. Nothing less than Outstanding is acceptable.

We hope that everyone will have participated in a “Whole Education” that prepares them both personally and professionally and that they are well-placed for a successful and happy life. Everyone who works with and for the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust does so because they believe in children and want their futures to be happy and successful.


Our Core Functions

strategy and governance




Shireland Collegiate Academy - New KS3 Block

We have great news at Shireland. We are currently building a whole new 20 class room block dedicated to our year 7 and 8 students. The build will be completed for September 2019 and has just begun development. Check back here for regular updates as we are eager to share the journey with our students and parents. 

Full Story about Shireland Collegiate Academy - New KS3 Block

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