Extended to 2pm - UPDATE - Providing Food Parcels to Children Who Qualify for Free School Meals Wednesday 1st April

Dear Families,

As per our statutory obligation to provide disadvantaged children who qualify for free meals. We are planning to provide weekly food parcels to those families with eligible children.

These food parcels will be ready to be collected from your school from Wednesday 1st April 2020

In order to reserve your food parcel please complete the below form by 2pm Friday 27th March 2020. Please complete one form per eligible child.

Click Here to Reserve a Food Parcel

A reminder, these food parcels are only available to families who have a child(ren) who qualify for free meals and these will be cross referenced with our records.

I understand this is a trying and stressful time for all and we hope this will help relieve some of the pressures.

Sir Mark Grundy


Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust - Provision for Key Worker and Vulnerable Children

Dear Families,

With the current advice from the Central Government to close schools, colleges and early years setting Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust (incorporating Shireland Collegiate Academy, Thorns Collegiate Academy, West Bromwich Collegiate Academy, Holyhead Primary, Tameside Primary and Shireland Technology Primary) will continue to offer a service to key workers children and vulnerable children. 

If you believe your child (ren) fall into either of the categories below can you please let us know by 10:30am on Friday, 20 March 2020 by completing the online form. The form is now closed

The  current definition of a key worker is:

  • Those who work for a front-line public service, NHS, Police or Fire.
  • Those who are employed in food distribution.

The definition of a vulnerable child  is:

  • That they are subject to a Child Protection Plan
  • They are subject to a Child in Need Plan
  • That they are subject to and Education and Health Care Plan
  • That they have been allocated a Social Worker

Note that this provision is not compulsory. You will be informed of specific arrangements and eligibility on Friday 20th March.

I understand this is a trying and stressful time for all and we appreciate your support and understanding.

Sir Mark Grundy