Being part of our Trust

If your school is looking for a local and established Trust to join, we would be interested to hear from you.

We believe in earned autonomy for our academies. While we value the uniqueness of each of our schools, the underlying core values are the same across our Trust:


Using technology and partnership work to always ensure we are cutting edge in our delivery and constantly improving our efficiency, pushing the boundaries for learning for an ever-changing world.

student and a teacher in the classroom with a book
science students looking through a microscope


Making sure the curriculum is engaging and fit for purpose for our students, whilst allowing staff the opportunity to be creative.
Ensuring we are constantly providing opportunities of developing students and staffs skill and knowledge base to widen their horizons and improve them as individuals.


Working together as academies and teams within our Trust as well as working with external partners and the community to ensure our staff and students have access to technology and resources that enable them to excel and have opportunities to work together, sharing ideas and caring for each member of our community.

female student sitting at her desk in the classroom