Shireland Prospectus

If you’re keen on learning more about our schools and the educational opportunities we offer, take a moment to create your very own digital prospectus, personalised to the area you live in, the age of your child and any specific schools you are interested in. It’s a comprehensive, convenient resource covering all aspects of our Trust. 

Once you’ve created your personalised prospectus, you can save it and share it with family and friends.

Discover a Shireland education – where tradition meets a forward-thinking ethos.

As the first Multi-Academy Trust to embrace a digital-first approach over traditional printed prospectuses, Shireland provides a more accessible and sustainable solution for families exploring options for their child’s next steps.

In line with the Trust’s commitment to sustainability, the newly launched platform not only provides a personalised prospectus-building experience for families, but also contributes to the reduction of its carbon footprint.

The digital prospectus provides comprehensive information about the Trust and its schools based across the Black Country area of the West Midlands, which can be tailored to specific needs and interests, including location and age group.

“Having lived in this area all my life, I’m delighted to see Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust develop this truly innovative approach to prospectuses across the region. Not only are they meeting the needs of today’s students and parents, but they are making their stance clear on sustainability.”

While limited copies of printed prospectuses will still be available, the Trust positions itself as an innovator in promoting environmental consciousness, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Prospectus Plus for this project. As a Trust, we recognise the positive impact of leveraging technology to enhance our outreach and engagement with families. By continuing to utilise technology, we’re reducing our environmental footprint, minimising waste and setting an example for eco-friendly practices. This not only benefits our community but helps contribute to what should be a collective responsibility across all schools and sets an example which we hope others will follow.”

Part of SMILE, a local website consultant for UK universities and colleges, Prospectus Plus aims to bring the traditional prospectus experience into the modern age. In collaboration with educational institutions of all sizes, the agency provides a more interactive, personalised, and sustainable alternative to printed prospectuses.