George Faux

Director of Secondary Education and Principal of West Bromwich Collegiate Academy

George Faux is the Principal of West Bromwich Collegiate Academy, Secondary Director at Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust and Director of Shireland Learning Limited. George started as Principal Designate at West Bromwich Collegiate Academy in September 2018, becoming Principal when the Academy opened in September 2019. 

George’s previous roles include Senior Vice Principal, Vice Principal, and Assistant Principal at Shireland Collegiate Academy. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of Shireland Learning Limited and a Managing Director at a consultancy company. Prior to that, he worked as an MIS/Development Officer, External Projects officer, and Administrator at Shireland Collegiate Academy. 

George’s key career achievements to date include successfully bidding to open several free schools, including the new Shireland CBSO Academy. He also successfully converted a University Technical College to provision for 11-16-year-olds in preparation for joining the Trust in 2022. He has achieved multiple outstanding Ofsted ratings in his previous roles, embedded the Literacy for Life curriculum in schools, and achieved a +0.53 Progress 8 score as Deputy in his last position. He has presented at the Association of School and College Leaders and Whole Education conferences and wrote an application resulting in a 100k National Finalist Pupil Premium Award. 

George holds a PGCE from the University of Nottingham and an LLB (Hons) from the University of Birmingham. He was inspired to become an educator because he believes education has the power to solve the problems of society and raise people up. 

At West Bromwich Collegiate Academy, George strives to create a supportive and inclusive school environment for students, staff, and families. The Academy welcomes people of all abilities and backgrounds, and there is a rich mix of cultures and religions. The Academy has an excellent reputation for supporting students with SEND with a classroom-first methodology, allowing them to flourish with their peers. 

In his free time, George enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, and playing board games.