Lorna McGregor

Principal of Wallbrook Primary Academy

Lorna McGregor, Principal of Wallbrook Primary Academy, has worked in education for many years and has a breadth of experience across both primary and secondary schools within the West Midlands. She holds a BA in Special Needs & Inclusion Studies from Wolverhampton University.

She joined Wallbrook in September 2021 and became Principal in September 2022. Prior to her role at Wallbrook, she was the Vice Principal at Tameside Primary Academy, also part of Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust. Lorna has led on many areas within education including, special educational needs, inclusion, safeguarding, attendance, behaviour, personal development and mental health.

Lorna’s key accomplishment has been making an impact on improving the outcomes and life chances of children throughout their educational journey, helping and guiding them to identify how great they are and what they can accomplish! Her passion for education stems from having lots of memorable experiences through her own educational journey, wanting to contribute to society and being an advocate for children.

Lorna is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive school environment for students, staff and families. She listens to the needs of the community that Wallbrook serves and is prepared to support in every way she can to bring about improvement and impact, whilst supporting the development of the children. Wallbrook provides great educational opportunities through its comprehensive curriculum, providing an enriched learning experience that can be remembered.

Wallbrook Primary Academy is a community hub for families and often their first port of call for support. Lorna believes that the school can make a positive difference in every child’s life by meeting their needs in the best possible way.

When Lorna is not at the Academy, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and learning and experiencing new things, whether that be through reading, cooking exotic dishes or travelling.