Mitchell Hill

Principal of Tameside Primary Academy

Mitchel Hill is the Principal of Tameside Primary Academy. With over two decades of experience in the education sector, Mitchell has established himself as a passionate educator who strives to provide a supportive and inclusive school environment for students, staff, and families. 

Mitchell’s journey in education began as a student himself. Inspired by his own teachers and parents, he went on to pursue a degree in Sports Science followed by a PGCE in Primary Education from the University of Wolverhampton. His passion for imparting knowledge and unlocking the potential of children from disadvantaged backgrounds led him to take up various roles in schools across the region, including Deputy Head Teacher, Advanced Skills Teacher and Local Authority Maths Consultant. 

Mitchell is proud of leading Tameside to achieve a good rating with outstanding features in its first Ofsted inspection as an Academy, turning things around from the school’s rating as inadequate and special measures when he joined five years previously. 

At Tameside Primary Academy, Mitchell leads by example. As well as his role of Principal, he is also the school’s lead for mental health and wellbeing, behaviour, personal development, British values and PSHE. He strives to create a positive climate that promotes achievement for all students, regardless of their background. The Academy prides itself on its morals and ethics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusivity, celebrating the differences that make each child unique. The curriculum is designed to support all children, and staff members embrace different faiths and cultures from the community. 

Outside of teaching, Mitchell enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, and participating in various sports.