Fostering Global Connections: Ghana Headteacher Visits Shireland Technology Primary

Shireland Technology Primary had the pleasure of welcoming Naomi Adjepong, Headteacher of Alpha Beta Schools in Accra, Ghana, where she also visited First Steps Nursery and Shireland Collegiate Academy to meet and talk with staff and pupils about the unique qualities that make our schools stand out. This included their innovative teaching methods and approaches to education.

The day culminated in a special assembly in the afternoon, featuring a celebration of the cultural diversity and shared experiences that enrich Shireland Technology Primary’s school community. The children had a great time serenading everyone with their beautiful renditions of traditional African and British songs. 

Naomi also took to the stage where she shared her insights and stories about life and education in Ghana with our pupils, providing a unique window into life overseas. 

For a number of our children whose families are from Ghana, it was a special day for them and provided the opportunity for them to proudly share with their classmates the similarities and differences between life in Ghana and the UK, bringing our school community closer together.

The school was also delighted to have received such heart-warming feedback from Naomi, who expressed her appreciation for the outstanding efforts of the team in making her visit so special, and just how innovative and dedicated our academies are in nurturing our pupil’s growth and development. It was a lovely testament to the commitment and passion that our staff bring to the educational journeys of all our children. 

We are thrilled by the possibilities that lie ahead and hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between our schools, laying a solid foundation for future collaboration and growth. This includes creating opportunities for our children to expand their horizons, celebrate diversity and forge lifelong friendships through joint projects and experiences.  

The visit was a wonderful day of learning and sharing that brought us closer together and will no doubt stay with us for a long time. As we look forward to the future, we eagerly anticipate the exciting adventures and experiences that await us through our newfound partnership.