Shireland Collegiate Academy on Sky News – Pupils start taking exams again

As GCSE exams begin across the country, students and staff from Shireland Collegiate Academy had a visit from Sky News yesterday.

The news channel spoke to staff and students about how they were feeling having to sit exams in person again after the pandemic put a stop to that way of assessing secondary school leavers for the last two years.

Take a look at Principal Dave Irish and two Year 11 students featuring on Sky News.

“The exams are what I have been working towards for the last five years in secondary school so I’m glad they’re going through but I’m also scared that I won’t do as well as my predicted grades.” – Year 11 student, Shireland Collegiate Academy.

“We started live lessons immediately that lockdown started and students have said that that was a huge help to them… Understandably they’re anxious about GCSEs and wanting to perform well for themselves and for the future… We’ve just been trying to prepare, make it as normal as possible for them and give them opportunities and expose them to an exam environment.” – Mr Dave Irish, Principal, Shireland Collegiate Academy.