Being Part of our Trust

Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust (S-CAT) was established on 1st September 2017, building on the strength of its founding school – Shireland Collegiate Academy (SCA). SCA is known, for being a leader for its creative use of technology within the classroom and back office, its engaging, student centric themed lead curriculum for key stage 3, and its ability to be the at the front of managing change within a sector that is always changing. 

The Trust has been built on three values.

Using technology and partnership work to always ensure we are cutting edge in our delivery and constantly improving our efficiency, pushing the boundaries for learning for an ever-changing world.

Making sure the curriculum is engaging and fit for purpose for our students, whilst allowing staff the opportunity to be creative.  
Ensuring we are constantly providing opportunities of developing students and staffs skill and knowledge base to widen their horizons and improve them as individuals.

Working together as academies and teams within our Trust as well as working with external partners and the community to ensure our staff and students have access to technology and resources that enable them to excel and have opportunities to work together, sharing ideas and caring for each member of our community.
We believe: 

  • Everyone within our Trust - students , staff , families and partners to take on our values and help shape the Trust.
  • When visitors walk through our doors they can see how the Trust’s values and objectives make all our Academies a caring, safe and vibrant place for all to reach their potential.
  • Every person who passes through our doors deserves the very best that we can offer.
  • Our Academies provide a whole education experience which prepares our youngsters for the transition into their next journey and prepares them the wider world.
  • Local knowledge and the ability to respond quickly is fundamental to Academy success.
  • Working with partners is central to help us break down barriers to learning and accelerate student progression, providing breadth of experience for all.
  • Sharing good practices i key to improving the quality of education and allowing our young people to achieve more. It also ensures all staff have access to resources to be outstanding.
  • Technology is important to undertake "heavy lifting", allowing staff to focus on what's important. 
  • In ensuring that our academies have the best support to undertake the "boring" statutory work required by educational organisations.

Being part of Shireland CAT



1. Curriculum centred focused 
2. Pastoral Support 
3. Enrichment experiences 
4. Collaboration experiences across academies 
5. Focus on progression and attainment to achieve educational outcomes